Marjan Vahdat was born in Tehran in 1976. She studied piano with Minoo Mohebbi and Persian traditional singing with Pari Maleki. Here subsequent singing instructors were Mehdi Fallah and Sima Bina. Ramin Kakavand and Masoud Shoari have been her setar teachers.



[::] 12 April 2008, Paris, France -- Theatre de la ville. For more info see:
[::] 18 August 2007, Oslo, Norway -- "Songs from a Persian Garden," with and ensemble of Norwegian and Iranian musicians.
[::] 23 June 2007, Varralo, Italy -- Vocals & daf: Mahsa and Marjan Vahdat. Setar: Atabak Elyasi. Organized by, the old church at Varralo, near the city of Torino, will play us host, promising an afternoon of spiritual discovery.
[::] 21 June 2007, Torino, Italy -- The archeological museum was the site and the ruins of Teartro Romano the stage for this concert. Like the Varralo concert about, Mahsa and Marjan (vocals and daf) were accompanied by Pasha Hanjani (ney) and Atabak Elyasi on setar.
[::] 27 May 2007, 3rd Biennial of Vocal Art, Cité de la musique, Paris, France -- Vocals & daf: Mahsa and Marjan Vahdat. Ney: Amir Eslami. This is the first time that our ensemble will take the stage of Cité. See these links for more information: Cite de la musique & and Cityvox.
[::] 22 May 2007, Tehran -- "Songs from a Persian Garden," at the Residence of Italian Embassy in Tehran , a private charity concert with the support of the Norwegian and Italian embassies and the UN. Iranian and Norwegian ensembles accompanied Marjan and Mahsa Vahdat on stage, led by guitarist Knut Reiersrud.
[::] 2006: Pera Festival, Istanbul, 24 November-4 December, with Mahsa Vahdat and Atabak Elyasi.
[::] 23 June 2007: Varralo, Italy -- with Mahsa Vahdat and Atabak Elyasi on setar.
[::] 27 May 2007: 3rd Biennial of Vocal Art, Cité de la musique, Paris, France -- with Mahsa Vahdat and Amir Eslami on ney.
[::] 2006: International Marked Festival, by Eric Hillestade's 2003 album project Lullabies from the Axis of Evil.
[::] 2006: Les Oriental Festival, , Saint-Florent-Le-Vieil, France -- with Mahsa Vahdat and Amir Eslami (Ney).
[::] 2005: Acuto, Italy -- with Mahsa Vahdat.
[::] 2003: Oslo World Music Festival, Oslo Jakob Church, Oslo, Norway -- with Mahsa Vahdat, Kari Bremnes of Norway, Rim Banna of Palestine, Hella Bassam of Iraq.
[::] 2002: Spic-Macay Festival, India, Punjab -- with Mahsa and Rumi Ensemble of Reza Abaee.
[::] 2000: Eastern Music Festival, Mandapa Hall, Paris.
[::] 1999: Cologne, Hamburg, Akhen, Hanover, Amsterdam, London -- with Hamnava Ensemble.
[::] 1997 & 1999: Niavaran Cultural and Artistic Center, Tehran -- with Khonya Ensemble of Pari Maleki.
[::] 1998: Saint Bartholomew's Church, New York, University of Washington, Seattle, Austin University, Texas -- with Reza Derakhshani.
[::] 1997: Nawa Center, Cologne, Germany -- with Hamnava Ensemble of Majid Derakhshani.



[::] With with Farhad Moraffah in Cultures, "Help the children"
[::] With Erik Hillestat in Voggersanger fra ondskapensakse (Lullabies from the Axis of Evil), the CD was a joint effort by female singer from Iran, Iraq, Palestine, Denmark, Sweden and Norway
[::] With Atabak Elyasi on songs for an album
[::] With sister Marjan Vahdat



[::] Signature song for the Music Freedom Day -- Recorded for Freemuse and the Music Freedom Day, in collaboration with the British guitarist Jason Carter. For more info see

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